Temperament is our number one consideration.

We predominantly work our cattle with bikes and dogs, but specifically work our sale bulls with horses to ensure they suit all operations.


Bulls with the Brafords’ Best Assets

We select bulls with a short sleek coat type for tick resistance and heat tolerance, those with neat tidy sheaths without losing depth and fleshing. Bulls must have a sirey outlook with length, masculinity and a good constitution.


Commercial Performance

The kill sheets are telling us we are consistently achieving good muscling and evenness of fat cover to meet the stringent EU and Grasslands markets. Performance testing of all sale bulls reveals strong feed conversion and EMA measurements across the herd.


Focused on Polled

We are aiming to have a complete polled herd and continue to use almost exclusively polled sires. We also select for good pigmentation and hooded eyes.


Genetic Diversity

We AI all our maiden heifers with both Ascot Neimen genetics and outside sires giving us the opportunity to try different bloodlines. We also purchase outside sires each year and they run in single sire paddocks of approximately 50 cows.


Fertile Females

In a normal season we are maintaining above 90% calving (without supplementation) because our calves are born small but are vigorous to grow with most weaners averaging 300kgs. We only keep females with a good shaped udder and teat size.



C.A. (Allen) Galloway & Sons purchased their first Braford bull ‘Glengarry 68’ from Jack Angel for 150 guineas to put over Cootharaba Hereford stud cows at Gympie in 1965.

The following year, ‘Doonside Garry’ and ‘Doonside Sinbad’ became foundation sires. They registered the new Ascot stud and become official members of the Australian Braford Society in 1968. These original breeders transferred to Banana in 1969 and Graham’s passion for Brafords saw him never to return to the Herefords. Graham and Jill married in 1975 and the following year she added her genetically diverse Neimen stud to the business. Neimen was developed with exclusively outside female bloodlines making Neimen bulls most eligible to go over the Ascot herd.

The family partnership transitioned to Graham and Jill in 1983. Their son Dan joined the business in 2001 and is supported by his wife Pip and two children – the fifth generation of Galloways raised on the land.



Ascot Dusty 1689 (P) by Little Valley Boyd (P)<br><span>A very structurally correct bull with a large frame and a tremendous temperament. Well muscled with an impressive EMA and sleek coat to top it off.</span> Ascot Fargo 1880 (P) by Taroela Eyewitness (P) Neimen Global 554 (P) by Baroma Downs Marshall (P) Neimen Baxter 443 (P) by Goomora Flynn (P)<br><span>Sired by Goomora Flynn out of an Ashby Keppel female has given us a complete new outcross in our commercial herd. DOB 20/03/2010</span> Neimen 355 XPO (P) by Strathgyle Wrangler (P) (AI Sire)<br><span>Neimen XPO’s progeny carry many of his characteristics including an amazing temperament, dark colour, length and overall correctness. So far he has thrown all polled cattle.  His ability to put on weight when fed was also impressive. DOB 04/03/07</span> Ascot Bundy 1147 (P) by Ascot Rum (P) (AI Sire)<br><span>Ascot Bundy was a dark coloured, long bull with a great sire’s outlook. Like his sire won championships as a junior and senior including at Beef Australia and the Ekka. Sold in 2006 for a record price of $27,000. We retained quarter-share for AI rights. DOB 10/02/04 </span> Ascot Rum 888 (P) by Abernethy Morgan (P) (AI Sire)<br><span> Ascot Rum won many championships as a junior and senior bull. He was a very well muscled and balanced bull. One of his early bull calves Ascot Bundy was also very successful in the show ring and was then sold in 2007 for a record price of $27,000. DOB 04/01/00 </span> Ascot O.R. (P) by Coograli O'Riley (H) (AI Sire)<br><span>Ascot O.R. was a bull with a lot of scale, a great temperament, a tidy sheath and a desirable smooth skin type. All the shows he attended saw him being placed second to Neimen Zorba. DOB 05/11/98 </span> Ashby Keppel (P) by Burradoo Colorado (P) (AI Sire)<br><span>Ashby Keppel was the top priced bull at the National Sale in 2003 at $17,000. He showed a lot of character and correctness and had a very tidy sheath. His weight for age and coat type was excellent. DOB 24/09/00</span> Baroma Downs Marshall by Ascot 1335 Outback (P)<br><span>Marshall had both Ascot Neimen and outside genetics. This quality bull was quiet and had scale and bone. A grandson of Strathgyle Wrangler that has left us with a great line of quiet quality progeny. DOB 09/10/10</span> Bethonga Crusoe 1425 (P) by Chadwick Downs Premiere (P)<br><span>Crusoe’s grand-sire was Chadwick Downs Grandeur (P) which was a bull we considered to be an excellent sire. Crusoe was a bull with a lot of growth, bone, a good temperament. He was tidy underneath, which is a quality we look for in our outside sires. DOB 26/12/09. </span> Harriett Valley Patrick (P) by Harriett Valley Arran 2259 (P) Linlora Ben (S) by Burradoo Jamberoo<br><span>Ben is a completely new line for Ascot Neimen and brings a diverse pedigree to our breeding program.  We spent $23,000 at auction on this bull because we liked his immense scale, length and smoothness. Ben has an easy going nature and has already produced some outstanding sale bulls and heifers. DOB 02/10/08</span> Little Valley Warrego (P) by Rarcamba Forrester (P) Little Valley Boyd (P) by Taroela Lawson (AI Sire)<br><span>Boyd is early maturing with a great masculine outlook and has a lot of fleshing. He is breeding true to type. His bull calves have good sheaths and are growing well. He appears to be breeding bigger scaled cattle than himself. DOB 28/07/07</span> Jay-Y George (P) by Jay-Y Atomic (P) (AI Sire)<br><span> Jay-Y George was purchased at the National Sale in 2008 for $20,000 and it was his total outlook, his length, dark colour and totally new genetics that attracted our interest. He has continued to breed long, dark cattle like himself and his females are developing well. DOB 07/03/06</span> Southern Cross Ferrero (S) by Southern Cross Falcon (H)<br><span>Ferrero had great length and volume, excellent coat type and as a lower content bull he offered completely new genetics to cross over our higher content females. Managed the dry in the paddock extremely well. DOB 16/09/2010</span> Taroela Musicman (P) by Taroela Esquire (H)<br><span> Gamble is a strong polled with excellent coat type, has Ascot blood on the sire's side and high content blood on the female side. He has grown into a big bull with a good temperament. DOB 20/10/2010</span> Taroela Gamble by Ascot Ark 1008 (P)